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TFAC help other charities to raise money by running abseils:

Charity Abseil

Why not challenge your fundraisers to do something different?


Charity Abseils are a brilliant way of raising money for your chosen charity. Taste for Adventure has lots of experience in running these events to raise money for its own charitable needs and now we can help you to give the same fantastic fundraising challenge to your supporters. Abseils can be huge events with lots of ropes or can be run on a smaller scale, we are fully insured and accredited to cope with events of any size in any location.

Abseils are easy to organise and run and there are loads of choices of unique places to abseil from. You might have a local tall building, an interesting bridge, a man made tower, a cliff face or a sports ground which you could use or failing that we can offer you the use of our 40ft climbing tower at our centre in Hereford. The brilliant thing about abseils is they appeal to a broad range of people, from the intrepid diligent fundraiser to the general public who just want to have a go.

Unlike some sponsored events abseiling is easily accessed by people of all abilities, this means your client base is huge, from young to old and from fit to unfit. Chances are if they can get to the top, then we can get them down!

Why choose us to run your event?

We are hugely experienced in running this sort of event and fully insured and licensed. Our experience will enable you to

concentrate on the things you need to do to raise as much money as possible.


Taste for Adventure is a Charity and any profit we generate from these events will be used to enable less able and disadvantaged individuals to take part in adventurous activities. Which means you’ll be giving people a great opportunity by using us. Often charities make a charitable donation from their fundraising totals towards the Taste For Adventure Centre, these are very gratefully received.

How does it work?

Pick a venue, think about your event size, have a site visit from us, set a date, get fundraising!

Pick a venue and think about your event size.


First things first you will need to find a suitable venue for your abseil, big or small, or you can bring your event to us. The more relevant and prestigious the venue the better the chance of a sell out day!

Once you have picked a venue we’ll need to make sure it is suitable. Initially it is best to get some photographs sent to us and have a chat with our instructors then we’ll need to conduct a site visit.

As a rough guide of event size on a 50m abseil we can usually expect an average of 10 people abseiling in 1 hour per rope.

Site Visit.

We definitely need to visit the site as some venues may not be suitable. Even if you may have seen them used before for similar events it is vital we make sure everything is safe and suitable. Once we have completed our site visit we can quote you for your event and send you our event template documents.

Set a Date.

Be sure to give yourself enough time to fill the places you will have on the day and to give your fundraisers the best opportunity to raise as much money as possible.

Get Fundraising.

In our experience it is best to get your fundraisers to pay a registration fee (usually about £20) and set them a target to get to which includes that registration fee (usually a minimum of £50 is a reasonable amount to expect each person to raise in our experience).

Example costs and event check list.

Initial consultation-

Having a chat with us and sending some photos for us to look at. – £0

Site survey and risk assessment of venue –

 £250 + Travelling expenses and fuel*

*very reasonable and dependent on location.

If you use our on site facility in Hereford you will not need to pay this.

All specialist equipment-

Harnesses, helmets and rope will be provided free if a drop is less than 50m. Longer drops will require specialist ropes and there will be extra costs incurred . Example: up to 100m drop £250.00 per rope.


£250 per instructor per day + travelling expenses and fuel*

A ratio of 2 instructors per rope is required.

*very reasonable and dependent on location.

Additional specialist equipment-

 If we need special systems in place (things like scaffolding) and additional risk assessments these will be charged as extras as required.

These costs are appropriate for events of up to about 50 people. Larger events can usually be estimated by a cost of about £20 per person.

Abseil event check list:

·         Pick a venue and think about your event size.

·         Visit the venue, speak to the people responsible for it, Buildings Managers or responsible people on site.

·         Give us a call (01432 761398) or email us –, it is usually good to have an event date in mind by this point.

·         Send us detailed images of the building, roof space, height and expected numbers.

·         Book a site visit.

Put together your event package for your volunteers, this will have info about the abseil how big it is, why they are doing it and the consent forms they will need to complete. We will send you a template for the information we need to have a copy of.

·         Book a date for your event.

·         Send Payment.

·         Recruit volunteers for your event to help on the day, people to guide folk up to the top of the building or even take them off the rope at the bottom (we can train them how to do this).

·         Check access to the site, will it be clear on the day, can we get a vehicle on site?

·         Can you cordon of an area from the general public?

·         Make sure you have written permissions from building owners.

·         Have you notified the Police of you event, you may gather crowds.

·         Publicise the event with local media.

·         If you have any further questions just get in touch –

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