High Ropes


State of the Art High Level Ropes Course and Climbing Tower

Taste For Adventure boast one of the largest, revolutionary, futuristic rope and climbing complexes in the United Kingdom. This development incorporates lots of brilliant, fun activities including:

LOW – MIDDLE and HIGH ropes courses!

LOW – Learn the skills to balance, jump, swing, clamber and negotiate a circuit of increasingly hard challenges before moving up to the next level!

MIDDLE – Walk the balance beam at height out to the next level of challenges, taking your skills to a new level!

HIGH – Run and leap to the highest and most challenging level of the ropes course, with helpful instruction you’ll now work to clip yourself in and out of the various challenges around the toughest of height courses in Hereford!


Climb the ladders to the top of the tower and take a deep breath as you launch yourself on the big zip wire back down to earth, a real adrenalin buzz that will stay with you forever!

Team Challenges

Ideal for corporate or schools groups who want to safely challenge a team to come together to achieve an incredible goal!

High All Aboard

This exercise will engage a group of up to twelve, who will need courage and the desire to succeed as a team. Teamwork comes very much into play as they all learn to trust and assist one another, so that they all stand simultaneously on the small platform together at a great height!

Trapeze & Leap of Faith

 This event is a true tester of our ropes course, designed for one or two participants, who climb the pole and balance on top, to compose themselves and focus on the goal at hand, which is jumping for the trapeze bar. Not for the faint hearted!

Jacobs Ladder

This powerful team element enables a team of up to 12 to set themselves a real physical and mental challenge to climb the oversized ladder, bridging the ever increasing gaps between the rungs. It demands agility, determination and a desire to succeed and reach as far as they can.

 We guarantee that you will always remember who you climbed Jacobs Ladder with!

Dutch Activity Tower

There are 3 outside faces of the tower, which offer room for 18 people to climb a variety of routes. The inside of the tower is used for those wishing to abseil.

Why Ropes Course Developments are effective

Transferable: The activities are of a practical nature and can be readily transferred back to the working environment. Task accomplishment can be easily monitored, team results are measurable and individual skills and contributions can be reviewed and developed.

Natural: Many traditional Management training courses rely on delegates assuming roles to create a situation, which has some similarity to work. By using the here and now, ropes course elements are designed so that individuals are not forced into a role but are themselves and are therefore, unable to hide behind the excuse ‘I’m not really like that’.

Enjoyable: All ropes course activities contain a significant element of enjoyment. People like to do them and want to be involved. This leads to increased motivation and commitment to learning they learn better when they are enjoying the activity.

Complex or simple: Ropes course activities can be designed to the appropriate level of complexity of simplicity, as required. They can allow scope for multi-layer management in any form and to suit any particular working culture, or they can focus on individual issues in a logical sequence. They lead themselves to inter-relate, yet separate problems such as may exist between different sections of business, industry or other organisations, where the quality of output is vitally important.


Full day – £40 per person.

Half day – £25 per person.

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